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About Us 

We created The High Tech Cargo Insurance Program in direct response to the needs of our key customers over the past twenty five years.

We use a limited number of underwriters who have shown consistent long-term interest in insuring high tech cargo.

Claims service is rapid and experienced, with investigative personnel often involved in limiting losses in progress.

Both the underwriters and the clients in the program are proactive regarding security and shipping practices.

Rates continue to be attractive, and the underwriters have shown judgement and maturity in dealing with occasional large losses and unfavorable loss years for a given client.

Policy forms and audit basis are designed for simplicity of administration, eliminating inconvenience in the shipping process and allowing CFOs to accurately accrue and pay for their coverage.

Jerry Offner holds the CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) and CRM (Certified Risk Manager) designations and has been involved with the acquisition and service of commercial insurance accounts for more than three decades.

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The  High Tech Cargo Insurance Program is available to shippers of electronics components who ship their goods via common carrier or contract carrier, whether they are OEMs, CEMs, chip brokers, components wholesalers or retailers. 

We currently have some of the largest independent and other distributors in the U.S. using this program, as well as small and medium-sized resellers, wholesalers and retailers.