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Comparison with other cargo insurance programs:

Question: I still use UPS and FedEx to insure my cargo shipments.   How can I compare my shipping insurance costs to a High Tech Cargo Program cost?

Answer: The big carriers charge you .35% or .50% of value each time you move the goods with them.  We charge a single rate for inbound and outbound shipments based on your sales that is a fraction of what the big carriers charge for shipments each way AND we offer limits well above $50,000 per package AND we cover all inbound and outbound shipments AND we pay on the basis of the invoice for the shipment.

Question: I choose not to insure all shipments.  How can I compare my shipping insurance costs to a High Tech Cargo Program cost?

Answer: Calculate what you have spent in the last year for Cargo Insurance, for incoming and outgoing shipments, adjusting for what you insure and don't insure.If the number is over $2,500, we can most likely provide a better program for you.

In addition,  having your own insurance program allows you to:

be sure all your shipments, inbound and outbound are covered.

minimize the potential for human error. ("I thought you said not to insure that one").

 have a more responsive claims process to protect your vendors and clients (You're not a captive buyer of shipping services).

 avoid low limits of coverage per package ($50,000 won't cover many CPUs or much memory). 

Question:  I want to be charged a rate on values shipped, rather than on my sales.  Can you build such a program for me?

Answer Sure.  This is the conventional appoach and is easy to do.  We do find, however, that covering both incoming and outgoing shipments generates a more economical program overall, with less chance for mistakes in covering individual shipments.


  • Lower rates.
  • Higher limits.
  • No quiblling over value
  • A program designed for your needs.

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