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Fight Losses!

Losses lead to unhappy customers.  We have learned that most high-tech cargo losses are due to theft or pilferage during the course of transportation.  Actual physical damage from water, impact, or accident with a vehicle is rare.

Securing your packages and demanding proper handling and security from your shipper are vital.

Aggressive tracking of important packages can also reduce your losses.

Consider not shipping "steal me" boxes that tell what is inside. Instead, use a generic, simple box.

Shrink-wrap pallets with opaque material and band them with metal bands. 

Use safety tape that indicates "Theft" if it is disturbed.

We strongly recommend filing a local police report in cases where theft in transit is suspected. The size of many thefts constitutes a felony and should not be accepted as a cost of doing business. Demonstrated police interest and investigation can deter repeated thefts in a given location.

Call Jerry Offner (281-940-1550) for more suggestions.

Related resources

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) ( was founded by leading members of the electronic component manufacturing community. TAPA is specifically dedicated to reducing cargo losses through direct action with freight forwarders, air carriers and other shippers. Although their approach is oriented towards very large companies and very large shipments, their approach can still be of great value to medium and small companies.  We are a member of TAPA.      

Their webiste contains freight shipping standards that you can study and implement to reduce losses.